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A premier psychiatrist in Atlanta, GA, specializing in all facets of women’s mental health.

Dr. Angela Arnold received her medical degree from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine after earning a Masters of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology from Memphis State University.  Dr. Arnold completed her residency training at the Emory University School of Medicine.

Dr. Arnold’s focus turned to the psychiatric care of women early in her medical studies. She has provided personalized psychiatric care to women for more than 20 years, continuing to study the latest developments in psychiatric and women’s health.

In 2004, Dr. Arnold stepped away from a career in the public sector and established her private practice here in Atlanta.

Specific Areas of Expertise

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Chronic Pain
  • Finding Work/Life Balance
  • Medication Management
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum 

Patient Reviews

“I met Dr. Arnold over 5 years ago when a life-changing devastating event occurred in my life.  Dr. Arnold was compassionate and kind to me, while she was also truthful and straightforward with my therapy, and how to get me to the next phase in my life.

She always made time for me, and listened to me.  She never judged me.  Dr. Arnold is steadfast in helping people, and will always put her patients first.  I continue my therapy with Dr. Arnold to this day, and I am glad to call her a friend.”

 ~D. W.

“Dr. Arnold saved my life. I had SEVERE post-partum anxiety & depression and she not only gave me the hope that I would recover but the confidence I needed to believe that what she was saying was true. She’s an expert at managing medication and is so patient, encouraging and empathetic.

She is also funny and helped me laugh in a time when I could hardly breathe. She provides boutique service and is available whenever you need her. There were days when I texted her 10 times and she always responded, tirelessly cheering me on. She is worth EVERY PENNY. Do not do what we did and find someone less expensive first…just remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”. You cannot put a price on your happiness.”          ~T.K.

“I recommend Dr. Arnold every time I get the chance! I have been with her for four years now and I always look forward to our monthly appointments. She has a gentle and kind way of introducing ideas that you don’t want to hear.

I love the fact that she specializes in women and women alone. She is up to date on the latest drugs and knows how the brain chemistry works with a woman’s cycles, menopause and just plain life of today’s women. I’ve never had a better physician!”

“Dr. Arnold is an amazing psychiatrist. I have been through many psychiatrists and she is the only one that I felt actually cared about me. If you are looking for pity then you are in the wrong place. If you are looking to make a real difference, then she is the psychiatrist for you.”              ~J.


“She is very patient, logical, and extremely bright.  I always leave her office calm and with a great understanding of the issues I have.”

“Dr. Arnold is my saving grace. I started seeing her when I was in a really low point in my second pregnancy. She helped me get through and I can’t be more grateful. (sic)

She is always giving guidance and feedback. She is conversational so she can gauge your mental health. I’m always amazed on the little things she picks up on just by talking about random things. I just love her so much!!”         ~C.I.


“I’m putting this on a public forum because I’m not ashamed to say that I have struggled with mental health issues. I’ve had debilitating anxiety and ADHD my entire life.  I’ve been on medication before but I’ve never felt as regulated as I have since I started seeing Dr. Arnold.

She creates a safe environment where I’ve felt very comfortable. Now I’m seeing the positive effects on my visits with her in every aspect of my life and she is helping me find ways to thrive.

I’ve learned how to listen to my body and medicate myself accordingly and when I need to. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Arnold. Her wisdom and advice has been life-changing.”           ~R.M.

“I came to her in a time of desperation and she absolutely saved me. I’d been to many psychiatrists in the past that had not given me a correct diagnosis and who seemed to medicate me without really listening to my symptoms and concerns. She was difficult to get an appt. with initially because she stays booked, but fit me in very quickly when she saw the degree of my depression.

I could immediately see her commitment in HELPING her patients. I can get in touch with her pretty immediately if I have an emergency and she has gone out of her way countless times to fit me in her schedule when I needed her. She not only specializes in postpartum, I recommend her for anyone that has a mood disorder as well. It is certainly worth the money to have such a competent Dr. you can trust!”

Media  Appearances

Dr Angela Arnold Atlanta GA television appearance guest spot

Dr. Arnold is a frequent guest expert on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace and a regular contributor on Crime Online and Unraveled, a podcast hosted by Alexis Linkletter. Visit the websites, search for Dr. Arnold, and listen to her point of view on the stories people are talking about.  

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace Angela Arnold guest expert 2020
Crime Online Dr. Angela Arnold Guest Expert with Nancy Grace Atlanta

Available Crime Stories Podcasts:

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December 25, 2020: “Hero Pets

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Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.

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